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“ON Time, Dependable and Secure”

BN DULAY TRUX LTD is an asset based full-service international logistic company that has been providing their services to the US and Canada since 1984.

BN Dulay began their services with only one flatbed truck. Hauling lumber down the West Coast is where BN Dulay Trux began. Over the years our customer base has grown and as a result BN Dulay now has a fleet of over 70 plus truck and trailers . Due to BN Dulay’s success the company became incorporated in 1994.

BN Dulay expanded its services based on customer needs. The market had a demand for “specialized trailers.” so the team at BN Dulay did  what needed to be done and responded by providing Curtain Vans, Roll Tite divisions, and Heavy Haul Division.

At BN Dulay customers are of the utmost importance. We strive to serve our customers with services that meet their needs, we take pride in providing customer a variety of surface transport services through  Flatbeds, Curtain Vans, Step Decks, Roll Tites, Tendems, Tridems, and Quads.  The many different modes of transportation gives BN Dulay  the edge to haul almost any load.

If for any reason, BN Dulay cannot transport a particular load our team demonstrates its commitment to the customer by providing an In-House Brokerage Department. BN Dulay is committed to providing its customers with the method of transportation that is requested in a timely manner.

BN Dulay Trux Ltd. provides their services all over the US and Canada.

BN Dulay takes security and safety of materials being delivered at a high priority. BN Dulays integrity is supported as we are approved by Canada Customs, USA Customs, FAST, Partners in Protection, CSA, and C-TPACT. BN Dulay’s security is further emphasized as it is bonded through Canada and USA 

BN DULAY has a highly experienced & qualified team with qualification and training in CIFFA, National Safety Code, Management and International Trade, members of our team are qualified to train drivers in Hazmat Training. We have dedicated operations staff, in-house experts to find out solutions to your transportation problem. Our customer service consultants will remain with your shipment file from its inception to its delivery. Our team takes pride in serving annd satisfying our customers. We have a multicultural team which can assist you in any many languages.

BN Dulay Trux Ltd. values its customers and is committed to providing high quality customer service.



BN Dulay is committed to providing its customers with a method of transportation that is requested in a friendly, timely manner.  The security and safety of materials being delivered is of utmost importance to us. With the large variety of equipment at BN Dulay no job is too big or small for us.

We value our customers and we are committed to employing the best professionals in the field to provide the highest quality customer service. We believe  in conducting business with integrity because honesty is victory at BN Dulay Trux LTD.

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