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Training of staff: We understand that our drivers are the face of our company, they are the ambassadors of good relations with our customers which is why we spend time on training them on how to be professional and be service oriented when communication with a customer.  At all times our Drivers carry a HI-Viz Vest, Hard Cap, Steel toe Boot, Safety triangles,  and Safety Glasses with them.

Procedure of our Customers: All of our Drivers are professionals, we train our Drivers to adapt and perform the duties as required, they are taught to follow the specific loading and unloading procedure of our customers. At all times our Drivers follow the safety rules that are set by the customer on their facilities.

Paperwork: We train our Drivers to fulfill all the paperwork related to the delivery and pass borders. All our Drivers adhere to the statuary daily Inspection, log reports and resting period.  

Load Securement:  We take load securement very seriously; our Drivers are professionally trained to secure the load through proper strapping, chaining, etc.. Each Driver has a proper understanding of forces and how a load can shift in any direction if not correctly loaded. They also have a clear understanding the center of gravity and proper load distribution so that the load is secured. All the required tools including straps, chains, tarps and bungiess, etc. are available in the trailer at all times.

Hazardous Material: Our drivers are trained for Hazmat Training.

Cell Phone Usage: We have a very strict implementation of NO HAND-HELD phone usage while driving. This is taken as a matter of great importance.

Defensive Driving: Our track record on safety is very good, we encourage our drivers to use Defensive Driving techniques, which include Knowing the Vehicle, being Alert, doing Inspections, having proper tools, and doing the maintenance of the fleet anticipating hazard among others.  

FMCSA: Drivers are trained to follow the recommendations as laid down by FMCSA.

Many of our drivers have FAST CARDS and TWIC CARDS

All of our Drivers are trained to drive year around in any weather  and are ready with the required equipment for the specific season such as  chains during winter season.

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