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BN DULAY TRUX LTD. is an asset based international logistic company serving the US and Canada regions

We strive to deliver excellent services to our customers in a ON-time, dependable and secure manner.
Toll Free: 1 800 640 2919 Email: Chat with us: Mon to Fri 10 to 4 PDT 
Our Team
Customer Testimonials

We often assign dedicated people to specific accounts so that our customers can benefit from working with individuals who have intimate knowledge of each customer's needs. Our operational philosophy of continual improvement encourages our team members to generate new ideas, and suggest additions or improvements to our customer’s services wherever possible. The result is a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.

BN Dulay Trux Ltd. provides a variety of specialized regular and hazmat services like open deck service for the mills, steel, agricultural, oil and gas, construction equipment, construction material, aerospace, defense, consumables and mining industries as well as many other specialty manufacturing sectors. At BN Dulay Trux, we put a strong emphasis on safety and customer service. BN Dulay Trux Ltd. serves all across Canada and the U.S. 

"Everyone at Dulay trucking you are the best thanks"

-31 Dec 2018

"Great experience! They are always on time and have wonderful customer service!"

-16th March 2018

"Your driver was great, helpful and thorough!"

-21st Sep 2018

"It is a True honor to work with your Professional Team. We look forward to continued work with you."

12th April 2019 in the future.

BN DULAY TRUX is proud to adhere to important industry certification
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