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Our Expertise

Our drivers have FAST CARDS, TWIC CARDS, Hazmat Training, and FMCSA. 

BN dulay has taken great pride in providing customers with On-Time, Dependable and Secure transportation services for 35 plus years now. We operate a fleet of tractor-trailers hauling general freight, produce and lumber across Canada and the U.S. Our outstanding on-time delivery procedures help reduce the delivery time in shipments, which gives us an edge over our peers.

We specialize in handling high-value high-tech products and equipment for business and trade show events across the U.S. and Canada. Providing on-call and e-mail tracking for real-time shipment information is our forte. The availability of strategically located terminals and experienced management, dispatch and customer service teams help our driving professionals in ensuring on-time and safe delivery of all shipments.

We have several specially equipped trucks and trailers available as options for a customer to choose from such as Roll Tight, Curtain Vans, Step Decks, Flatbeds, Super B, Quads, and Dry Vans.


Our Equipment


A Roll Tite can be loaded from the Top, Sides & Back,

length 48 to 53 Ft , Width 8 to 8.6 Ft, Height 8 to 8.6 Ft, Available in Tandem, Tridem & Quad


Step Deck can be loaded from back, top and sides, it provides extra height as the deck is lowered,

as seen in the picture

Length 48 & 53, Width 8 Ft, Available in Tandem, Quad

truck3.1 (2).jpg

Curtain Van Can be loaded from the sides and back,

Length 48 to 53 Ft , Width 8 to 8.6 Ft, Height 8 to 8.6 Ft, Available in Tandem, Tridem & Quad


A Flat-deck can be loaded from sides, top and back,

 length 48 to 53 Ft, Width 8 to 8.6 Ft, Available Tandem, Tridem & Quads 

5 ton .jpg

Available for Hauling Goods upto 5 Tons & 10 Tons length 30 Ft, Width 8 Ft, some trucks come with a Rack to haul goods up to 40 ft (15000 Lbs)

SUPER B (also available in Roll tite)
super b 2 1.jpg

Super B can be loaded from the sides, back and top, it has two trailers Length 32 (Tridem) & 28 Tandem, Width 8 Ft, Available in Tendem, Quad

drv van.jpg

Special Requests:
One-off moves
Dedicated lanes
Tarps, Straps, Extra care provided 

Length 48 & 53, Width 8 Ft, Available in Tandem

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